Sunday, October 26, 2014

"The lights are so bright, but they never blind me..."

The fall and winter season is a busy time for most employees in the city, no matter what industry they are in. Do you have a business meeting or interview? Wear a unique piece that makes you feel comfortable and looks good on you! Then you will perform well and stay fashionable yet professional. 

I love this DVF shift dress because it's in a bright, light turquoise color and has an interesting pleating detail on the front. Blue is definitely my color and I always feel myself when wearing it! I get to dress quite casual at work, but I still take it up a notch usually and dress up. For myself though, I would only wear this kind of look for an interview or work event. I can't run around the city carrying costumes with these shoes! 

Photography: Ben Benson

Outfit Highlights: DVF dress and Ralph Lauren shoes

Style Tip: Know what colors work best on you. 

Song of the Day: Welcome To New York by Taylor Swift

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