Monday, October 13, 2014

"The sun is up, the sun will stay. All for the new day."

This weekend was my second time at the annual Maryland Renaissance Festival! The long weekend for us film folks allowed me to spend the weekend in DC without leaving work early one day or taking any time off. I loved going back again this year, in more of a costume than last time when I just wore a maxi dress from the 70's. This time, I wore a more Renaissance-inspired gown with a sash, belt, an ivy hair wreath, a leather satchel and some jewelry. My boyfriend Ben got into it as well, in an oversized white shirt with a lace front vest over it, and dug up some faux boots from an old pirate costume. I think he's just learning to deal with my costume problem. Hopefully next year we can be way more period accurate, as well as ride the elephant!

At the fair we tried mead which we hadn't had last year. I was disappointed to find out it was just cold and like a strange honey beer. I wanted a hot, steaming cup! After a few sips though, of course it tasted better. We passed on the messy turkey legs and opted for some totally historical fried dough and pretzels. We watched our favorite magician, Dinty the Moore, as well as some other acts and of course the jousting! One of the coolest parts is seeing the King's Court sit in their places while the knights joust on black and white horses. I highly recommend this festival for anyone that likes to play pretend like myself, and run around the forest in a gown.

Song of the Day: Manchester by Kishi Bashi

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