Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Fountains and fluorescent lights, the season has come..."

I spent the weekend visiting one of my best and oldest friends who's a children's librarian in Pennsylvania. It's so nice to regularly get out of the city, especially if you love nature and cute towns! She took me to Peddler's Village, which is somewhat near the town she lives in outside of Philadelphia. We went Christmas shopping, got food, and visited the gingerbread house competition. There was also a festival of lights in the village with the trees and shops lit up! I definitely recommend visiting the village any time of year if you are in the area.

I love Pennsylvania and have decided that I want a house there someday for weekends, vacations, and times when I'm not working between shows. It's such a great location and has the beautiful countryside as well as adorable villages and towns. Perhaps that will happen someday down the line but I'm getting ahead of myself as usual with dreams.

I wore my beloved purple plaid wool coat that I made in college and matched my hat, tights and overnight bag to it. Purple is a fun, yet suitable color for the fall and winter time as it is a great in-between for warm and cool hue choices. I also wore my new black leather Blundstones, which are so wearable yet cute, classic pieces. A basic pair of black, flat booties is the perfect cool weather addition to anyones closet, especially since they can rock them with denim shorts at a summer event! My black velvet scarf with purple and blue accents is from my trip to San Francisco, from a store in Chinatown and pairs nicely with a multitude of looks. It's reminiscent of a velvet, fringe kimono style piece but is less bold.

Photography: Jen Embree, Alexandra Nasto, and myself

Outfit Highlights: Purple is the way to go for a cool weather color that's still exciting!

Style Tip: A fedora or wide-brim hat will cover up some of your messy, wavy hair that you don't have time to style. 

Song of the Day: Snowbirds and Townies by Further Seems Forever

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