Monday, December 8, 2014

A Caroline Design: DIY Peter Pan Collar Necklace Tutorial

Hey there! I filmed a really fun and easy new tutorial for you on how to make a collar necklace. It's perfect for the holidays because you can make one to match your outfit for a party, or give them as presents. I recommend using leather or a somewhat thick, sturdy plastic for the necklace and ribbon or chain for the other part. You can find these supplies at your local craft and fabric stores. Check the upholstery sections for the leather and plastic! 

The round peter pan collar shape is what I used and my pattern piece is below, but you can of course create your own (perhaps a pointy one evoking the 1970's?) if you like! You will need a few simple jewelry tools to make this as well as the actual necklace materials of your choice. Make sure you have jewelry pliers and a leather hole punch (which also goes through plastic and similar materials), and you could also use a wire cutter, a large needle, clear glue or nail polish, and markers which I explain in the video. I encourage you to be creative and add extra buttons or trims! Use any material you can think of that you or someone else might like for a present. Have fun and don't forget to tell people that you made it! 

PS- I dubbed the video for the first time which I honestly thought was easier and neater. Did you like this result or me speaking while working better?

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