Monday, December 1, 2014

"But you know old time, the tired one, class historian."

I had the fabulous experience of shooting with a new photographer over the weekend, Alexandra Blair of the amazing and inspirational photography website, I love to collaborate with other creative minds, exchanging new ideas. Nothing gets your mind working than when others challenge you to think outside the box, whether it be in photography, art, writing, music, or whatever your chosen form of expression is. 

This series of photos was taken in Bushwick, Brooklyn. There is no other place in the city with graffiti like what Bushwick has to offer, now that "Five Pointz" is shut down. I joked that this colorful, industrial city scene would be funny to shoot in front of with a ladylike look. Alexandra encouraged me to do so, noting the color similarities to the look with her fabulous eye.

I paired this sparkly, vintage gold dress with Steve Madden shoes and a purple fascinator that my sister made me for my 23rd birthday. I can't believe that I haven't properly blogged it sooner. She did such a fabulous job making the tiny plaid hat on the headband with the purple tulle on top! 

Photography: Alexandra Blair

Style Tips: Fascinators are an easy way to give an ode to the past without going too over the top with your look. You could wear them to a somewhat dressed up party or if you ever do a tea party with friends! Who thinks Ashley should do a tutorial on how to make a fascinator for you guys?

Outfit Highlights: Handmade fascinator by Ashley Laurel and Steve Madden shoes

Song of the Day: "Class Historian" by Bronco

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