Thursday, December 4, 2014

"It was hidden in the fall, waiting on love to call"

I love scarves but sometimes forget to throw them on to accessorize my look, especially when my jewelry is in such a visible place in my bedroom, right under my mirror. However, I've put my scarves on a rack on the back of my door so that when I'm exiting I remember! I love how many ways there are to wear a scarf, and if you have any ones on the larger side, this is a really fun way to make it the centerpiece of your look.

This particular scarf was from a store in Chinatown, San Francisco and caught my eye though on a shelf and folded in plastic wrapping. I thought it was a bigger wrap or kimono style piece (even though I was in a Chinese not Japanese neighborhood, you never know) which gave me the idea to wear it in a way that evoked one. It has a beautiful design with peacocks and birds on it, and wearing it open and on my shoulders really allows this beauty to be seen, as well as emphasizing the fringe. I added a small cameo brooch to hold it together. What's fun about wearing a scarf in this way is that you could do it in so many ways, not just as a Japanese Kimono meets Victorian-inspired look like mine is.

Photography: Alexandra Blair

Outfit Highlights: Scarf from Chinatown, San Francisco, pants by Marc by Marc Jacobs, and boots by Blackstone

Style Tip: I love my black leather ankle boots by Blackstone. Invest in a nice flat pair that can carry you through all activities in the wintertime. Heeled ankle boots should be when you go more expressive with the style or color, since you'll probably wear them less if they're mostly for going out at night. Don't forgot to get them water proofed or spray them with a water resistant solution!

Song of the Day: "Thunder Clatter" by Wild Cub

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