Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"On your request, I compile a list of my top five resolutions for this year"

I do menswear in a colorful, feminine way because that's just how I roll. A tophat and vintage vest (which I pinned a bow to) could come off as super masculine with jeans and no accessories. However, a flirty mini skirt, some purple lipstick, and turquoise pieces all lend their girly touches to the look. The coat is from Chadwick's and the boots are from Delias, both of which I've had forever and I still wear sometimes when I am home. It's strange when you absolutely adore an article of clothing and wear it so much you get sick of it, but then re-visit it years later and love it all over again!

This was my last outfit of the day of 2014! Thanks so much for reading my blog this year, everybody. I appreciate every one of you. Have a lovely end to your vacation and celebrate!

Photography: Mr. Tripod

Outfit Highlights: Dress from Target and coat by Chadwick's

Style Tips: It's not even just feminine touches like skirts and bows that keep a menswear look girly, but also color! Yes, guys can wear color also but most don't choose bright turquoise.

Song of the Day: "My Year In Lists!" by Los Campesinos!

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