Monday, January 26, 2015

Collaboration with Robyn L. Bryant, Part One

One of my favorite kinds of photoshoots is when I get to wear my friends' designs! I was more than happy to help out my former classmate from FIT Robyn Bryant with shooting pieces from her senior collection. She showed this collection right before her graduation at Purdue University. My friend John Sears who I had met a couple years ago at Tribeca Film Festival is a cinematographer as well as a photographer, and he kindly took these fantastic photos around the neighborhood of Bushwick.

We played with geometry and color when choosing backgrounds that would accentuate Robyn's designs. Her collection was inspired by Cleopatra and Egypt but of course done in a totally modern way. The style is fierce and moody, evoking a powerful woman so it wasn't hard for me to get into this tough girl look as I braved the cold and winds. Here's part one of our photos below! Feel free to check out Robyn and John's Instagram pages, as well as John's website here for his other work.

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Behind the scenes:

Thursday, January 22, 2015

You can drive all night, looking for the answers in the pouring rain...

I love dressing in ways that are inspired by fabulous time periods from the past but in updated ways. This sweater reminded me of the 1980's since it was sort of boxy and has a bold furry texture, but also the 1960's, evoking Edie Sedgewick-style stripes. I dress in mod looks enough so I decided to go for an 80's vibe with some faux leather paneled leggings, a faux leather pleated skirt, and a fun bright purse. By avoiding big hair or shoulder pads I kept this look modern enough for the current season. 

Lately I've been tempted to go shopping since I am in stores so much for my work (costume design). The perk of this is that I can sort of track items I am interested in buying and if they go on sale or are even still available a few weeks or months later and I still remember that I want them, then I make the purchase! This sweater was something from H&M that looked cozy and I nabbed it for 60% off by thinking about it for a few weeks! Even if you aren't in stores as much as me you can still stay on budget by spending a little more time than usual thinking about items you want. If you really want it and it's still available you'll go back and it might be on sale! 

Photography: Ben Martini

Outfit Highlights: H&M sweater, DSW Booties, and Forever 21 Skirt and purse

Style Tip: Bold black, white, and a pop of color is a fun take on an 80s inspiration, especially with a fuzzy sweater and leather!

Song of the Day: Cigarette Daydreams by Cage the Elephant

Sunday, January 18, 2015

"May angels lead you in, hear you me my friends..."

The schoolgirl look seems to be a never-ending trend that I have always adored. A coordinating navy sweater and skirt with a tie-front blouse peeking out from underneath all mimic the classic schoolgirl style. A vintage style purse and lace-up shoes give the look some retro flair. Make the look a little more unique by adding some unexpected or updated twists such as a floppy hat or fun tights. I love that this look is especially great for my favorite season, fall, but can be worn throughout the year depending how you accessorize. Your schoolgirl look will be your own if you allow yourself to be creative! 

Photography: Ben Martini

Outfit Highlights: Anna Sui wedges, Charming Charlie hat and a Lands' End sweater

Style Tips: If you're like me and love coordination, make sure that when adding a new, bold color to your look you have another piece that matches (my purse and shoes/tights and my hat and belt for example). 

Song of the Day: "Hear You Me" by Jimmy Eat World

Friday, January 16, 2015

Exclusive Product Review: Younique Moodstruck 3d Fiber Lashes

I had the pleasure of trying out a sample of 3-D mascara by the brand Younique, more specifically called "Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes". If you know me or have read my blog posts or watched my videos you'll know that I keep my make-up to a minimum out of laziness and my own needs. I am not at all a beauty guru and prefer to spend my time on the clothing end of things. However my mascara and eyebrow pencil are my two go-to's, followed closely by bronzer and lipstick. That's why I was actually super excited to sample this product and with good reason. It has amazing results once you figure out how to use it correctly.

To use this product you first apply a coat or two of your favorite everyday use mascara. Then you apply the transplant gel, followed closelh by the green tea fibers. Repeat the last two steps a couple times if you like! It will apparently increase your lashes up to 300% depending how you use it. I definitely noticed a difference. I also love that this product uses natural fibers and that Younique never tested anything on animals. Definitely a win win!

I will admit that it takes some time to get this right and that I am still perfecting a technique. You have to make sure the fibers don't clump too much but that they look somewhat even. I suppose that eyelashes could be just like they saw eyebrows are- sisters, not twins. Also, you have to brush off fibers that fall under the bottom of your eyes for a little while, the same way eyeshadow does when you first apply it. Though I think that this mascara is cool, it is not an everyday type of product because of the extreme look and the high price ($29). I will definitely use it when I am taking a lot of photos on my blog or going to a formal event. It is also great if you are on stage and don't want to apply annoying and expensive false lashes. It would also be extra helpful for you if you have shorter lashes you really want to lengthen.

Here is are some before and after photo examples another product reviewer created. She did a great job so I'll use hers instead of trying to make my own!

This product is available directly on the Younique website if you decide that you want to try it out for yourself! Have fun and let me know how it goes.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

"Even Da Vinci couldn't paint you, and Stephen Hawking can't explain you; Rosetta Stone could not translate you"

I had an amazing first weekend back in the city but I am especially missing home tonight with my family because Downton Abbey was on again. It's hard when you equally love the city and the country, but I know that I am super lucky to be able to go between the two so often. I was waiting for it to snow to do one last blogpost before I left home because snow always makes photos look unique and beautiful! I love New England when it snows compared to other places because we have evergreens that look gorgeous with the green against the white. 

In this post I wore a really old coat from Delia's. I recommend everyone keep an old coat that they still like but don't wear very often at their parents house if they go quite often. I wore it while my nice beige peacoat was being dry cleaned- exciting stuff. Wearing some pastel colors including baby blue gloves and a hat, a plaid scarf with purple in it, and floral purple-pink tights simply looks pretty and delicate in the harsh winter weather. A brown leather messenger bag pops against the black and provides practical and stylish transportation for whatever you may need to carry!

Photography: Mr. Tripod

Outfit Highlights: Delia's Coat 

Style Tips: Mix Pastels like purples and blues for pretty, cool family hues in cool weather.

Song of the Day: "Da Vinci" by Weezer

Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Favorite Blog Images of 2014!

In no particular order, I wanted to revisit my best and favorite images of 2014! Credit is given above per photographer. Thanks for a great year to everyone who read or helped me with my blog in any way. Much more is to come in 2015! 

Beth Wilson


Christine Chung

For any future inquiries or collaborations please contact or comment on my post. Thanks again to you all! XOXO, Caroline. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Look Back at 2014 and Ahead at 2015

One of my resolutions for life is that it's never too late for anything! So I know that it's January 8, but hey, I just got back to the city from my vacation in Connecticut yesterday, started work today, and didn't get a chance to do this post yet. My next post will be my favorite photos from this past year!

Favorite parts of 2014:

1) Somehow in my short 2014 highlights blip on my New Years instagram photo I forgot to mention that I met and worked for two of my three favorite costume designers this year, Ann Roth (one Oscar/four nominations) and Sandy Powell (three Oscars/ten nominations). I worked with Ann on prepping for the Vogue photoshoot for the Broadway play "A Raisin in the Sun" starring Denzel Washington, and with Sandy on pre-production for "Carol" starring Cate Blachett and Rooney Mara. Regardless of the Academy honoring them, I simply adore their work, especially the period pieces they're especially known for so I am lucky to have happened to work on period projects with them. They are true storytellers which is what a Costume Designer really is, using fabric instead of words to spin tales that will be seen for generations to come. Did I tell you that I worked for them a week apart because they are friends and often use the same studio space? It was short but amazing. Now, if I could only work for Colleen Atwood over in London...

2) Visiting my sister in San Francisco, California has to be a major highlight of 2014, if not the biggest one! We did so many amazing things like wine tasting in the idyllic Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley which looked like Italy to me, going to the beautiful Sausalito, seeing several museums, touring Alcatraz, and wandering many great parts of the city such as Chinatown and some gorgeous parks. I hope and pray to be able to go back next summer! While I love having Ashley here, I do enjoy having her to visit in one of the coolest U.S. cities. San Francisco is so colorful and quirky to me with gorgeous architecture, that it seems European.

3) Going to Texas for my cousin's awesome Star Wars/Star Trek-themed wedding was a great way to see family that I hadn't seen in years! I also got to enjoy the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. While Dallas was great, Fort Worth was amazing because it was like something out of an old Western movie with cowboys galore. I saw a cattle drive and got to sit on a bull which was scary and awesome. I'm still shocked I did that. Also, the Mexican food and guacamole made right in front of us with fresh avocados that were probably straight from Mexico was to die for. 

4) Attending both NY Fashion Weeks this past year was amazing and I simply adored covering shows for my blog! Even though I am in the film industry part of the reason I blog is to be able to be a part of the fashion world and fashion week because I still love it. If you live in NYC and have a weird weekday schedule and can maybe go and cover some M-F shows that I can't attend, please contact me! 

5) Now that I've been to the Jazz Festival on Governor's Island, I have to go at least once every summer (it runs two full weekends). Dressing up and seeing others' costumes, watching the music and dancing, and sipping the best drink I have literally ever had in my life- the freshly made St. Germain cocktail mixed by a professional (it was also hot outside and this was nice and cool) were just some of the highlights. I also won a costume contest and a free St. Germain kit was mailed to me! I am counting down the days until I can go back. 

6) It was my second time at the Maryland Renaissance Faire with my boyfriend but we had even more fun this time around. It was cooler out and we stayed for less time, but this year we dressed up and it made it twice as fun! I'm so glad that I convinced him and that he seemed to get more into than me at one point. I think he is finally getting used to my costume obsession after all of these intense Halloweens and costumed or fancy dress up events. I also discovered there's an elephant ride which I plan to do next year. 

Other highlights of this year included singing at coffeehouses and writing music with my friend Christine for our new band "The Twenty-Somethings", crossing more activities off my NYC to-do list, moving from Manhattan to Queens, starting a Youtube channel, making many trips to VA/Washington DC, and many more memories!

Resolutions and goals for 2015:

1) Keep blogging and vlog even more! You may see less OOTD posts and more videos as a matter of fact but I try to do about 2 posts sometime within a week's time give or take. Videos certainly take way longer so I can't be on any kind of schedule with those. This isn't my full time job and is mostly just seen as a hobby in my eyes so I never stress about it too too much time wise but I do still take it seriously. (That being said if I ever say I cannot hang out with you and because I am working on my blog, please respect this and don't just tell me to do it later. If everyone tells me that then it will never get done and I do enjoy it and need to blog sometimes!)

2) I don't have specific health goals besides the one below except to just to be healthier in general. I definitely found health foods that I am obsessed with in the past year or two (avocados, artichokes, arugula, quinoa, edamame, and brussel sprouts) than my general Goldfish and Cheez It's and brownies but it's something anyone can work on. I seek to find even more great foods that I love! I walk a ton and carry heavy costumes but could always properly exercise more whether that meets hiking, biking, floor mat routines, or joining a gym. We'll see!

3) Use my fluoride rinse more regularly. Sorry, teeth.

4) I really want to record an EP of a few original songs with my musical companion and neighbor Christine. We performed original songs and covers at coffeehouses in Queens and Brooklyn this past year and have begun writing even more music. We just have so much fun doing it and mesh so well artistically together that I cannot wait to see what's next! The only thing holding us back is our busy work and social calendars but we will make it happen.

5) I costumed/wardrobe supervised an indie short film in 2014 and hope to do an even bigger production on the side again this year. However since I do paid network TV work during the week (which is less creative for a PA like me) I can only do extra jobs on the weekends unless I am in between shows. Let's see what I can manage for this year though!

6) My biggest fears pertaining to NYC that are possible to overcome have to do with driving and tall buildings. I conquered my fear of driving around the city and boroughs (and even through the tunnel and into NJ!) Now I know the city like the back of my hand not only in terms of subways and walking, but also driving directions! This comes in handy for cab drivers trying to cheat me or if they are new. My other fear is going to a tall building. The Empire State is too tall and scares me too much, plus I want to be able to see it from wherever I am. So I am going to try and visit the Top of the Rock at Rockafeller Center. This scares me so much that I am getting all clammy right now just thinking about it. However I have been to other rooftops like the Standard Hotel which certainly feels high, and the bad could it be? *freaks out* I will probably be holding onto a pole in the absolutely middle of the roof and not even taking any photos.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Caroline Design: DIY Apron Tutorial Video

Hello hello! I filmed a really fun and easy new tutorial for you on how to make your own custom apron! I made mine super feminine, but it's completely up to you what details you choose to add to yours. It's quite a simple and straight forward tutorial and you can probably make this more unique than any project I've shown you so far because aprons are so varied. My mom has a lot of lace, ribbon, buttons, and fabric in her sewing area in the house and since I filmed this at home I of course took advantage of that! Have fun, be creative and don't forget to tell people that you made it! Let me know if you have any questions below in the comments on this post or the video, or of course tweet me. 

Here's some blog-style photos of me in the apron for a better look!

Photography: Mister Tripod