Sunday, January 11, 2015

"Even Da Vinci couldn't paint you, and Stephen Hawking can't explain you; Rosetta Stone could not translate you"

I had an amazing first weekend back in the city but I am especially missing home tonight with my family because Downton Abbey was on again. It's hard when you equally love the city and the country, but I know that I am super lucky to be able to go between the two so often. I was waiting for it to snow to do one last blogpost before I left home because snow always makes photos look unique and beautiful! I love New England when it snows compared to other places because we have evergreens that look gorgeous with the green against the white. 

In this post I wore a really old coat from Delia's. I recommend everyone keep an old coat that they still like but don't wear very often at their parents house if they go quite often. I wore it while my nice beige peacoat was being dry cleaned- exciting stuff. Wearing some pastel colors including baby blue gloves and a hat, a plaid scarf with purple in it, and floral purple-pink tights simply looks pretty and delicate in the harsh winter weather. A brown leather messenger bag pops against the black and provides practical and stylish transportation for whatever you may need to carry!

Photography: Mr. Tripod

Outfit Highlights: Delia's Coat 

Style Tips: Mix Pastels like purples and blues for pretty, cool family hues in cool weather.

Song of the Day: "Da Vinci" by Weezer

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