Friday, January 16, 2015

Exclusive Product Review: Younique Moodstruck 3d Fiber Lashes

I had the pleasure of trying out a sample of 3-D mascara by the brand Younique, more specifically called "Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes". If you know me or have read my blog posts or watched my videos you'll know that I keep my make-up to a minimum out of laziness and my own needs. I am not at all a beauty guru and prefer to spend my time on the clothing end of things. However my mascara and eyebrow pencil are my two go-to's, followed closely by bronzer and lipstick. That's why I was actually super excited to sample this product and with good reason. It has amazing results once you figure out how to use it correctly.

To use this product you first apply a coat or two of your favorite everyday use mascara. Then you apply the transplant gel, followed closelh by the green tea fibers. Repeat the last two steps a couple times if you like! It will apparently increase your lashes up to 300% depending how you use it. I definitely noticed a difference. I also love that this product uses natural fibers and that Younique never tested anything on animals. Definitely a win win!

I will admit that it takes some time to get this right and that I am still perfecting a technique. You have to make sure the fibers don't clump too much but that they look somewhat even. I suppose that eyelashes could be just like they saw eyebrows are- sisters, not twins. Also, you have to brush off fibers that fall under the bottom of your eyes for a little while, the same way eyeshadow does when you first apply it. Though I think that this mascara is cool, it is not an everyday type of product because of the extreme look and the high price ($29). I will definitely use it when I am taking a lot of photos on my blog or going to a formal event. It is also great if you are on stage and don't want to apply annoying and expensive false lashes. It would also be extra helpful for you if you have shorter lashes you really want to lengthen.

Here is are some before and after photo examples another product reviewer created. She did a great job so I'll use hers instead of trying to make my own!

This product is available directly on the Younique website if you decide that you want to try it out for yourself! Have fun and let me know how it goes.

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