Thursday, January 22, 2015

You can drive all night, looking for the answers in the pouring rain...

I love dressing in ways that are inspired by fabulous time periods from the past but in updated ways. This sweater reminded me of the 1980's since it was sort of boxy and has a bold furry texture, but also the 1960's, evoking Edie Sedgewick-style stripes. I dress in mod looks enough so I decided to go for an 80's vibe with some faux leather paneled leggings, a faux leather pleated skirt, and a fun bright purse. By avoiding big hair or shoulder pads I kept this look modern enough for the current season. 

Lately I've been tempted to go shopping since I am in stores so much for my work (costume design). The perk of this is that I can sort of track items I am interested in buying and if they go on sale or are even still available a few weeks or months later and I still remember that I want them, then I make the purchase! This sweater was something from H&M that looked cozy and I nabbed it for 60% off by thinking about it for a few weeks! Even if you aren't in stores as much as me you can still stay on budget by spending a little more time than usual thinking about items you want. If you really want it and it's still available you'll go back and it might be on sale! 

Photography: Ben Martini

Outfit Highlights: H&M sweater, DSW Booties, and Forever 21 Skirt and purse

Style Tip: Bold black, white, and a pop of color is a fun take on an 80s inspiration, especially with a fuzzy sweater and leather!

Song of the Day: Cigarette Daydreams by Cage the Elephant

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