Sunday, February 15, 2015

Exclusive Jay Godfrey Fall 2015 Interview and Fashion PresentationReview

It was my absolute pleasure to interview Jay Godfrey before his presentation this Saturday morning at the Pavilion at Lincoln Center.

Caroline: Tell me about the direction your collection is headed towards this season.

Jay: Our girl is traveling to Savile Row today and she's taking a subversive take on tailoring classics. To me, it's a very, very personal collection. We started off as a brand nineteen years ago with a deep focus on tailoring. We evolved into a brand that became known for a sexy dress, and now we're coming full circle. We're bringing the sexy dress into the tailoring world, and the tailoring world into the sexy dress world.

Caroline: And who is the ideal woman that you design for basically? You can pinpoint a celebrity if you choose.

Jay: Any! You know, I love when celebrities wear the collection, but I like it more when real women wear it. Because that's how you know you've made it versus not, when people buy the collection. But the customer, and the girl, she's got a foot in uptown and a foot in downtown. She's confident, she's sexy; she wants to be noticed. She likes quality and interesting fabrics and wears the collection because she wants to be confident. And I feel that I endeavor as a designer to bring confidence to women regardless of their age or size or where they're from.

Caroline: That's awesome; I really admire that. And my last question is where you see the brand going in the future and if you have any near or far plans.

Jay: You know, a lot of designers expand in kind of a typical way which is their collection starts to get noticed and then they do bags and shoes and I'm not opposed to that. But I look at our design house or brand as a lifestyle brand in the way that we're (my team and I) are good at designing things. And I don't look at Alice and Olivia or Joie necessarily as my competitors; I want to build this company more like what Tom Dickson has done. He's a lighting designer and makes candles and he does all of these interesting products that people live with. Fashion is our first step towards that direction but we've been doing a lot already in interior design. In Asia, we've designed a couple hotels there. We've got a bedding collection coming out and we're looking at some great bath products. That's how I look at the brand; a lifestyle, design related brand.

After my interview I was excited to see all of the clothes that I had seen backstage come to life. During the Jay Godfrey presentation, the crowd delightfully took in the gorgeous designs before them as the models stood in three different sections in the room. They wore range of looks from fancy cocktail ensembles and unique suits to full length gowns. Overall, the silhouette was structured, long and lean throughout, yet the designs were classic enough for many body types. The color palette was made up of neutrals in black and grays with a mix of warm feminine hues in pink and purple. As Jay said in his interview, I could definitely see how rich in quality the fabric choices were from the gorgeous floral prints to the high end lace, silk, and tweed he chose. I love how he brought in both pink and floral for fall in a creative way with fabric choice. I also definitely understood what he meant with the season's girl being uptown meets downtown. The models looked chic and updated on one hand, yet classy and timeless which he was able to pull off through each look! The models looked stunning in these pieces and I can see many women choosing to wear Jay Godfrey. I cannot wait to see what he and his brand does next both in terms of fashion and lifestyle design! 

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