Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lela Rose Fall 2015 Fashion Show Review

Thanks so much to Nichole Hernandez for covering the Fall 2015 Lela Rose show! Lela Rose is a feminine brand that has been around since 1993, recognized for their ready to wear and wedding collections. The designer herself, Lela, is best known for her elegant meets whimsical designs and this season was no exception! 

As I walked up to the Mercedes-Benz lettering, I could feel my heart skipping. How exciting – my first fashion show! I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Upon entrance, a nice man named Paul helped me scan my QR code (my pass) for Lela Rose viewing and showed me exactly where to go. There was an enormous line of hundreds of people all waiting around for the doors to open. There was an air of anxiousness; we were all eager to see the new collection which was sure to be beautiful. Finally, the doors busted open and the crowd shuffled in. We were guided all around the showroom in order to find places to stand. 

After what seemed like endless searching for a decent spot, I situated myself on the floor in a sitting cross-legged position.  The lights dimmed, the crowd fell silent, and the music began. Out strutted the first model, and the flashes of a thousand cameras and phones began fluttering all over the room. There were so many stunning looks; I lost count! The hair and makeup was gorgeous and natural. The looks were elegant, modern, fun and played with a use of texture in interesting ways quite a bit. A standout element of this Lela Rose collection was the creative use of fringes. There was fringe on dresses, coats, and skirts, either sewn into hems and seams or covering surfaces. Several other reoccurring details in the latest collection were the use of lace, metallic, florals which many women are sure to die for. I would say my first fashion show was a success and I look forward to attending many more! 

Photography and Review: Nichole Hernandez

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