Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mark and Estel Fall 2015 Fashion Show Review

In September 2013, Mark and Estel became the first fashion designers to perform their songs live at their runway show. Since then, they've continued to create both fashion and music intertwining with one another. At this year's show they performed "Fashion Rockstar", but not until after their gorgeous collection titled "Stairway to the Stars" debuted. This collection encompassed many prints this season, including plaid, and also some textured lace. With metallic belts and fishnets in contrast with sweetheart necklines, the woman they were designing for seemed to be a good girl gone bad. A British punk vibe was definitely visible, in fitting with their music meets fashion concept. I can see many young women choosing to wear the pieces from this collection, especially edgier city-dwelling ladies.

Let's hope the next venue that Mark and Estel work with is as accommodating to their unique show style, as an era ends and New York Fashion Week is no longer held in the tents at Lincoln Center, or in correlation with Mercedes Benz. 

Photography:Robyn Bryant

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