Sunday, February 15, 2015

MONGOL Fall 2015 Fashion Show Review

 This year at New York Fashion Week, Bayarmaa Bayarkhuu debuted her brand MONGOL at the Theatre at Lincoln Center. Bayarmaa is known for her love of travel all over the world but her background of Mongolian heritage heavily inspired her first show. She began the show with traditional Mongolian music moving into more contemporary choices, setting the tone for old meets new.

Her collection was quite modern and wearable for those who enjoy the more creative and unique side of today's fashion works but it was definitely still heavy infused with many Asian influences. By dressing some models in traditional Monglian headgarb and accessories more loosely letting her heritage seep into the clothing, she created an interesting and culturally mixed world not unlike the one she and so many others live in. When people live through their roots in many ways but also stay current with trends whether it's in fashion, food, music, or another artistic form it creates such a unique mix. 

The MONGOL fall/winter collection had sequins, plastic, and velvet mixed with Monglian inspired furs, chandelier earrings, and kimono sleeves. Bold color and mixed textures were the two most important details in terms of the design process. MONGOL also included some menswear this season which is always fun to see on runway after runway of entirely female dominated shows. My favorite looks are below from
Getty images since it was hard for my fashion correspondent to get good photos of this massive show! 

Someday we know that the whole world will become a cultural melting pot not unlike our own beloved city of New York today. This new MONGOL collection is a fine example of how old and new cultures can intertwine to create something beautiful. 


Photography: Getty Images

Fashion correspondant: Robyn Bryant

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