Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry"

It was fun to meet up my old friend with Ben Benson again to shoot in Astoria today! We both enjoy doing blogging way more when it's warmer out and today it was quite a nice, sunny day. We're getting excited to work on summer photoshoots together! This look was quite simple but is getting me excited for the season's fun outdoor activities. I feel like Summer 2015 will be about every girl's favorite, the crop top yet again. I think that looser fitting ones will be more popular than they were. A crop top with an interesting flare or cut gives the style more of a unique edge. I wore this sequined black one from Zara with simple jeans and some bold blue booties for a pop of color, not that I need it with my red hair! 

Photography: Benjamin Benson

Outfit Highlights: Zara top and Express jeans

Style Tips: This kind of simple and sleek look is great for a night out...or just posing on an abandoned car. 

Song of the Day: "American Pie" by Don McLean

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Put the beat in my heart, the words in my mouth"

I was still helping my boyfriend Ben look for apartments this weekend when he made a short trip up. It was interesting to explore different places that I haven't been before. It almost seems as if new neighborhoods that I've never been to before in Brooklyn and Queens are never ending! That is continuing to change as I keep exploring Queens, though. If you haven't checked out my Instagram page QueensofQueensNY that I started two weeks ago with my roommate Alexandra, please do so! That's why I have almost been lacking in my blogging with Modern Romantic lately. I've been focusing a lot on getting this page up and running! We want to shed light on Queens, which almost seems like the under appreciated borough at times. Please follow our page and come along as we explore the hidden gems of Queens. There is so much artistic, athletic, historical, and scientific culture to appreciate whether or not you live there or another part of the city. So get out and explore your own backyard! Even if you don't have the app you can go to to view out our page. We've already experienced so much support and growth in only two weeks, so thank you all if you have or are going to check it out. 

Anyway, back to the fashion blogging world! I've been enjoying wearing a lot of warm hues that compliment my red hair color. This magenta coat is a fun color and I paired my two-tone oxfords and tapestry handbag with it. These sort of accessories always remind me of an updated Anne of Green Gables! Unfortunately it was quite a chilly weekend and I had to wear tights the entire time. I can't wait until Spring fully hits and I'm sure it's the same for all of you on the North Coast! 

 Photography: Ben Martini

Style Tips: Bring in some flowery accessories like this bag for example which will get you in the mood for Spring even if it isn't quite warm out yet. 

Outfit Highlights: DKNY peacoat and Ecosusi handbag 

Song of the Day: "A Rush of Blood" by Coasts

Thursday, March 19, 2015

"We went running through the rain in my favorite city park in myfavorite time of day"

 Raincoats are a popular item, yet I feel like I can barely find the right weather to wear them! It's not all too often that it's raining and also in the 50's or so. It was the perfect early spring weather for a raincoat this weekend though, and I layered my look with a thick wool sweater underneath. Nothing pops better on a cloudy day than accessorizing with a bright red umbrella! Red lipstick and gloves provide even more of a fun accent. I don't really wear those awesome looking red rainboots anymore on account of them just not being good for my feet. I do love this black pair that were a gift from my mother and are as good to walk in as rainboots can possibly be, since we also added insoles. Its so important to have good footwear and keep your foot bones and muscles in good shape for the rest of your life to come! In addition to fitting well and running slim to the leg, they also have a gorgeous leather section on top. Definitely check out online options for good quality rainboots if you walk a lot for work and fun like I do!  

Photography: Ben Martini

Outfit Highlights: DKNY raincoat and vintage purse

Style Tip: Adding a bright pop of color to classic pieces will still keep your look timeless but fun. 

Song of the Day: "50 States" by Sufjan Stevens

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Just Like Raindrops...

I spent last weekend in Soho gallivanting around some shops that I haven't been into in a while, including Harney and Sons Tea and Pearl River Market. My roommate snapped a few casual photos for me while we were out and about! The weather has become a beautiful late-winter and early-spring temperature, with blue skies and little rain or snow. It's time to break out your lighter coats again! I love this gray wool one that matches almost any look and can be dressed up or down because it's so classic. I'm wearing it with a vintage scarf, vintage boots, Uniqlo pants, and a colorful Tory Burch bag. My scarf and bag both have slightly different color combinations but still work together. It's definitely time to bring back color into your wardrobe if you haven't been all winter! It's also the time to throw on any winter accessories that you want to use before it gets too warm. I can't wear this floppy wool hat for much longer, so I'm saying goodbye to it now by making it one of my statement pieces! 

Photography: Alexandra Marie

Style Tip: Say farewell to winter by mixing spring colors in with lighter winter weather pieces! 

Outfit Highlights: Tory Burch purse and Uniqlo pants

Song of the Day: Raindrops by Basement Jaxx

Monday, March 9, 2015

"Millions of stars, they open to your fate..."

There's something about an all white ensemble in the snow that is very romantic to me. This off-white wool, cable knit sweater dress is from a store in Farmington, Connectiuct called O'Reilly's Irish Gifts. I just went in with my mom for fun the last time I had a break in Connecticut and spotted these cute, tiny sweater dresses in the kids section. I joked that I would like to wear it and lo and behold they increased in size. Somehow the largest one actually fit me when I decided to try it on and I was not expecting it to! If by any chance you can fit into larger child sizes, you will get an awesome deal. Great quality or brand items are usually at a lower price point for kids! 

I paired the sweater dress with a little vintage tapestry bag with a chain handle. It's from my recent adventures at The Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford, one of the many fantastic warehouses in New England filled with antique vendors. My parents gave me a real vintage Whiting and Davis chain purse at Christmas which was found in my grandma's attic. It's even more gorgeous, but I picked this up for a similar vibe because I can use it way more often and not worry about something happening to it since it was only ten bucks! I'm also wearing my new rose gold Kenneth Cole watch which I simply adore. Rose tinted gold is unusual but matches anything and the color is gorgeous. 

With so much white and some understated accessories in my ensemble I had to have some pieces that popped out, including my new reddish hair color. I often like to wear ribbons from the craft store in my hair or as belts. I just think they look adorable! I'm also wearing an off-white beret, purple tights, and a maroon leather and chain collar necklace I made. Don't forget to watch that necklace tutorial on my YouTube channel! 

Photography: Topher Saint-Amour

Outfit Highlights: Irish wool cable-knit sweater dress, handmade collar necklace, vintage tapestry purse, and a Kenneth Cole rose gold watch 

Style Tip: Go white for winter with pops of color! Don't be afraid to use rolls of ribbon from the craft store to accessorize your look in terms of tied belts or hair bows.

Song of the Day: "Norway" by Beach House

Thursday, March 5, 2015

"Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Take Me In"

Visiting my friend Topher's spectacular Greenpoint, Brooklyn rooftop is always a pleasure. Unfortunately when we took these snowy photos the skyline view wasn't visible but it was still a grand time! 

I love mixing structured pieces with more free-flowing ones. This military-meets-boho look evokes the seventies without being too over the top, at least as far as my style goes. I've had this corduroy jacket with brass buttons for what feels like forever and I paired it with a Civil War era hat that I actually got on a tour of Gettysburg. A paisley printed silk tunic matches the quirky vibe of my owl necklace, cheetah print scarf, and blue fringe bag. 

Now, who wants to convince my stylish friend Topher to start his own style blog? 

Photography: Topher Saint-Amour

Outfit Highlights: My silk, paisley tunic from "Art Gecko", a really artsy and fun shop in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Style Tip: If you love history, try to encorporate fun accessories from museum shops into your every-day looks.

Song of the Day: "I, and love, and you" by The Avett Brothers

Sunday, March 1, 2015

"Stylin', while in. Livin' it up in the city!"

I had the pleasure of working with Chikadibia, of the website Cheeks in the Big City again on this blogpost. We shot these photos on the same day as my last outfit post, while in SoHo. I have wanted a leopard faux fur coat for ages, and when Zara had a huge sale recently I snatched up one for almost eighty percent off! Paired with a red dress and fun, mod accessories it creates a look that really pops. I decided to pretend that it was summer and sip a coca cola, because why not? Of course, you can wear the look with black jeans and your favorite black booties, perhaps with a black floppy hat to look more current, which I totally do too sometimes with my furs. 

Photography: Chikadibia

Outfit Highlights: Zara coat and H&M dress

Style Tip: A leopard peacoat is a classic yet quirky accessory that you can wear for years and style in so many ways! 

Song of the Day: Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson

"A fever billowed with the wind and I obeyed the sky therein"

I had the pleasure of working with Chikadibia, of the website Cheeks in the Big City. She is a photographer that experiments many different kinds of medium, and is always open to exploring new ideas and subjects. Her website is very inspiring so definitely check it out! We met up and shot in SoHo, which I've never done a photoshoot in before. I've walked by this gorgeous blue doorway so many times, and always thought that it would be beautiful to photograph a look in front of! 

I'm wearing a floral and paisley print dress with pink glitter flats. A peach bag and lace tights only add to the girliness of the look which I love. I'm excited for springtime to finally come about soon! For now though, I will just wear clothing that reminds me of Spring during the cold months until the snow stops. Lots of people still adhere to no light colored shoes for certain seasons which is plain silly! This look still works for the winter because of the dark colored dress paired with it. I think lace tights and light colored sparkly shoes can totally work for a nice event in the winter season if you throw on a fur coat. 

Photography: Chikadibia

Outfit Highlights: Dress from Forever21 and shoes from Topshop

Style Tip: You can never go wrong with a sparkly accessory!

Song of the Day: Push Pull by Purity Ring