Thursday, March 5, 2015

"Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Take Me In"

Visiting my friend Topher's spectacular Greenpoint, Brooklyn rooftop is always a pleasure. Unfortunately when we took these snowy photos the skyline view wasn't visible but it was still a grand time! 

I love mixing structured pieces with more free-flowing ones. This military-meets-boho look evokes the seventies without being too over the top, at least as far as my style goes. I've had this corduroy jacket with brass buttons for what feels like forever and I paired it with a Civil War era hat that I actually got on a tour of Gettysburg. A paisley printed silk tunic matches the quirky vibe of my owl necklace, cheetah print scarf, and blue fringe bag. 

Now, who wants to convince my stylish friend Topher to start his own style blog? 

Photography: Topher Saint-Amour

Outfit Highlights: My silk, paisley tunic from "Art Gecko", a really artsy and fun shop in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Style Tip: If you love history, try to encorporate fun accessories from museum shops into your every-day looks.

Song of the Day: "I, and love, and you" by The Avett Brothers

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