Monday, March 9, 2015

"Millions of stars, they open to your fate..."

There's something about an all white ensemble in the snow that is very romantic to me. This off-white wool, cable knit sweater dress is from a store in Farmington, Connectiuct called O'Reilly's Irish Gifts. I just went in with my mom for fun the last time I had a break in Connecticut and spotted these cute, tiny sweater dresses in the kids section. I joked that I would like to wear it and lo and behold they increased in size. Somehow the largest one actually fit me when I decided to try it on and I was not expecting it to! If by any chance you can fit into larger child sizes, you will get an awesome deal. Great quality or brand items are usually at a lower price point for kids! 

I paired the sweater dress with a little vintage tapestry bag with a chain handle. It's from my recent adventures at The Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford, one of the many fantastic warehouses in New England filled with antique vendors. My parents gave me a real vintage Whiting and Davis chain purse at Christmas which was found in my grandma's attic. It's even more gorgeous, but I picked this up for a similar vibe because I can use it way more often and not worry about something happening to it since it was only ten bucks! I'm also wearing my new rose gold Kenneth Cole watch which I simply adore. Rose tinted gold is unusual but matches anything and the color is gorgeous. 

With so much white and some understated accessories in my ensemble I had to have some pieces that popped out, including my new reddish hair color. I often like to wear ribbons from the craft store in my hair or as belts. I just think they look adorable! I'm also wearing an off-white beret, purple tights, and a maroon leather and chain collar necklace I made. Don't forget to watch that necklace tutorial on my YouTube channel! 

Photography: Topher Saint-Amour

Outfit Highlights: Irish wool cable-knit sweater dress, handmade collar necklace, vintage tapestry purse, and a Kenneth Cole rose gold watch 

Style Tip: Go white for winter with pops of color! Don't be afraid to use rolls of ribbon from the craft store to accessorize your look in terms of tied belts or hair bows.

Song of the Day: "Norway" by Beach House

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