Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Put the beat in my heart, the words in my mouth"

I was still helping my boyfriend Ben look for apartments this weekend when he made a short trip up. It was interesting to explore different places that I haven't been before. It almost seems as if new neighborhoods that I've never been to before in Brooklyn and Queens are never ending! That is continuing to change as I keep exploring Queens, though. If you haven't checked out my Instagram page QueensofQueensNY that I started two weeks ago with my roommate Alexandra, please do so! That's why I have almost been lacking in my blogging with Modern Romantic lately. I've been focusing a lot on getting this page up and running! We want to shed light on Queens, which almost seems like the under appreciated borough at times. Please follow our page and come along as we explore the hidden gems of Queens. There is so much artistic, athletic, historical, and scientific culture to appreciate whether or not you live there or another part of the city. So get out and explore your own backyard! Even if you don't have the app you can go to Instagram.com/QueensofQueensNY to view out our page. We've already experienced so much support and growth in only two weeks, so thank you all if you have or are going to check it out. 

Anyway, back to the fashion blogging world! I've been enjoying wearing a lot of warm hues that compliment my red hair color. This magenta coat is a fun color and I paired my two-tone oxfords and tapestry handbag with it. These sort of accessories always remind me of an updated Anne of Green Gables! Unfortunately it was quite a chilly weekend and I had to wear tights the entire time. I can't wait until Spring fully hits and I'm sure it's the same for all of you on the North Coast! 

 Photography: Ben Martini

Style Tips: Bring in some flowery accessories like this bag for example which will get you in the mood for Spring even if it isn't quite warm out yet. 

Outfit Highlights: DKNY peacoat and Ecosusi handbag 

Song of the Day: "A Rush of Blood" by Coasts

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