Thursday, March 19, 2015

"We went running through the rain in my favorite city park in myfavorite time of day"

 Raincoats are a popular item, yet I feel like I can barely find the right weather to wear them! It's not all too often that it's raining and also in the 50's or so. It was the perfect early spring weather for a raincoat this weekend though, and I layered my look with a thick wool sweater underneath. Nothing pops better on a cloudy day than accessorizing with a bright red umbrella! Red lipstick and gloves provide even more of a fun accent. I don't really wear those awesome looking red rainboots anymore on account of them just not being good for my feet. I do love this black pair that were a gift from my mother and are as good to walk in as rainboots can possibly be, since we also added insoles. Its so important to have good footwear and keep your foot bones and muscles in good shape for the rest of your life to come! In addition to fitting well and running slim to the leg, they also have a gorgeous leather section on top. Definitely check out online options for good quality rainboots if you walk a lot for work and fun like I do!  

Photography: Ben Martini

Outfit Highlights: DKNY raincoat and vintage purse

Style Tip: Adding a bright pop of color to classic pieces will still keep your look timeless but fun. 

Song of the Day: "50 States" by Sufjan Stevens

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