Sunday, June 28, 2015

"He Loved Guns and Roses"

I can't get over how this whole look came together! Rose season is ending but my neighbor still had a few pretty ones in her garden when we took these photos recently. A faded denim dress gives off a 90's vibe, while a black hat and cross necklace are a little bit gothic. The roses totally work with the whole modern day femme fatale inspiration going on. All of the pieces in this look are from cheap local or chain stores, or are vintage. The shoes are the most pricey item because good footwear is the most important thing you can invest in, in your watdrobe! I can't wait to wear this outfit all over LES and Brooklyn this summer! Cheers to summer nights. 

Photography: Benjamin Benson

Style Tip: Faded denim is a must for summer weather it's a dress, skirt, pants or shorts. 

Outfit Highlights: Seychelles shoes and an H&M hat

Song of the Day: "Guns and Roses" by Lana Del Rey

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