Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Gotta Love Yourself, No You Don't Need Anybody Else"

You know that I love jewel tones, and mixing prints. This post combines the best of both those worlds with a bohemian, printed romper from Target and my swimsuit of the summer underneath. I accessorized with a striped floppy hat from Amazon Prime. I added a jewel-tone cuff from Francesca's which is one of the cutest stores for affordable vintage-inspired pieces. Of course, if you happen to come across a random turquoise bus in Long Island City with hippie beads and painted elephants, you have to take some photos in front of it.

I wore this outfit on Santa Monica Pier while in LA, and it's one of my favorite looks of the summer. There's still a few beach weekends left and I'm planning to head to the Rockaway's again this weekend. How are you making the most of what's left of warm weather?

Photography: Benjamin Benson

Song of the Day: Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld

Style Tip: If you have colored or dip-dyed hair, play it up! Don't be afraid to wear color. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cool for the Summer

What's better than a great crop-top set for summertime? This cute and comfy palm tree print ensemble is from Amazon, which has so many amazing and affordable clothing options. I don't buy a lot of clothing online, but I hadn't come across anything with palm trees in a store that I loved and I was on the hunt for the perfect piece or look with a print like that. I have Amazon Prime which I find especially helpful at Christmastime, but I've started to search it and use it beyond presents for others and household necessities. I'm a huge advocate for Prime just speeds up the whole process immensely. 

I paired the adorable crop top set with some red lipstick, simple flat red sandals, red beads and a big floppy hat. I wanted to keep the whole look pin-up and retro inspired but with a modern twist. I do have hair with turquoise ends after all, and it doesn't get much more 2015 than that! I really love this look as well as the fun concept for the shoot, and I can say that it's definitely my favorite post I have ever done. I've been dying to do a silly Pepsi-themed shoot ever since I first laid eyes on that famed sign a few years ago in Long Island City. Cheers to Pepsi, Amazon Prime, and all of the people who walked by us and got a kick out of watching! 

Photography: Ben Benson

Outfit Highlights: Amazon Prime palm tree crop top set

Style Tip: Matchy-matchy looks are so in for the season thanks to style icons like our girl Taylor Swift! 

Song of the Day: "Cool for the Summer by Demi Lovato

Sunday, August 2, 2015

"We're Different Colors"

I haven't posted in a couple weeks because of the huge road trip I was on to see a lot of my good college friends. Check out my Instagram page if you missed the photos! I'm finally back to both work and blogging life here in NYC/Astoria and here you have my latest post- a very Caroline look. I never feel more myself than wearing color and some fun accessories like a hat and jewelry. I didn't plan it at all, I promise, but somehow I matched a lot of the garden! I highly recommend checking out the exhibit if you haven't seen it already, which includes some of Frida Kahlo's art, and also just visiting the garden in general!

Many thanks my friend and fellow NYC fashion and lifestyle blogger Hillary Puckett for attending the Frida Kahlo exhibit with me a few weeks ago at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and for all of the awesome photos! Check her own page out at The New Urbanite for cool lifestyle posts including make-up and celebrity coverage which I don't do. We united through College Fashionista and I can't believe it's taken us several years to finally meet in person, after so much communication online. 

Photography: Hillary Shea

Outfit Highlights: Kenneth Cole watch and Urban Outfitters shoes

Style Tip: Look and feel the part while on a garden tour in tiny florals! 

Song of the Day: Different Colors by Walk the Moon