Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cool for the Summer

What's better than a great crop-top set for summertime? This cute and comfy palm tree print ensemble is from Amazon, which has so many amazing and affordable clothing options. I don't buy a lot of clothing online, but I hadn't come across anything with palm trees in a store that I loved and I was on the hunt for the perfect piece or look with a print like that. I have Amazon Prime which I find especially helpful at Christmastime, but I've started to search it and use it beyond presents for others and household necessities. I'm a huge advocate for Prime just speeds up the whole process immensely. 

I paired the adorable crop top set with some red lipstick, simple flat red sandals, red beads and a big floppy hat. I wanted to keep the whole look pin-up and retro inspired but with a modern twist. I do have hair with turquoise ends after all, and it doesn't get much more 2015 than that! I really love this look as well as the fun concept for the shoot, and I can say that it's definitely my favorite post I have ever done. I've been dying to do a silly Pepsi-themed shoot ever since I first laid eyes on that famed sign a few years ago in Long Island City. Cheers to Pepsi, Amazon Prime, and all of the people who walked by us and got a kick out of watching! 

Photography: Ben Benson

Outfit Highlights: Amazon Prime palm tree crop top set

Style Tip: Matchy-matchy looks are so in for the season thanks to style icons like our girl Taylor Swift! 

Song of the Day: "Cool for the Summer by Demi Lovato

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