Monday, November 2, 2015

The Most Wonderful Day of the Year!

It's no secret to most of my friends that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays...I mean my favorite holiday. Since I'm a film/TV costume assistant and not exactly a designer yet I, myself don't always get to be the creative one on most of the jobs I do. Halloween is the best excuse I can think of to put my love of costumes and creativity to use, plus it's fun to be the one getting dressed up after being surrounded by well-dressed actors all the time! This year I went all out, with three costumes total. I did Bad Blood with some friends one weekend and then did DJ Mustard on the Beat/Beet with my friend another night, and you can see both on my Instagram. This post, though, is to share with you my favorite and most elaborate costume that I spent a couple months making.

I'm totally in love with the film Water for Elephants about a circus company in the 30's that learns how to train an elephant for their shows. I also just liked the idea of a vintage circus costume for Halloween, whether or not people had seen the movie. Most of the objects I used in the making of my costume were from Amazon Prime! I started off by dyeing a leotard with tea to make it look vintage, and added some bedazzled straps. I then covered a piece of fabric with two rows of ostrich feathers, which was the hardest part. I attached this to a ribbon belt with a rhinestone front and made this ribbon and feather part removable with command strips believe it or not! They seemed sturdier than Velcro. 

Gloves, a whip, an elephant necklace, the heels I always wear for my 20s/30s costumes, and some sparkly tights were musts for this outfit. It was really easy to attach a few feathers and a pearl barrette to the turban headband I wore which I totally recommend for an easy addition to a costume from this era. While in the garment district with my mom and sister a few weeks ago when they visited, I was convinced to buy this popcorn purse. I was a little uncertain and wondered if it was too silly for even me, but now I love it and want to wear it to any show that I see because it totally makes any outfit. I just wish that I had an actual elephant to ride for the photos! :) 

My boyfriend wore the white pants he had from the Jazz Age Lawn Party with a black vest, white shirt and a top hat from a dollar store. The hardest part of his outfit was finding a red blazer so we dyed a light peach one from a thrift store with rit dye. After staining the tub and sink it still came out kind of a faded red but he convinced me that this works for the vintage feel. We had a lot of extra garment bags at work, so I used them as black fabric and made some quick black boot extensions from his real ankle leather boots. We just cut squares of the black garment bags and glued them up the back with a hot glue gun. Man, I love those things! We also extended the length of the jacket with it. He stuck a napkin in his pocket and said "movie magic". I'm so proud. 

Who wants to see us wear (perhaps a modification for him) to the Jazz Age Lawn Party sometime?! I may be mistaken for one of the festival's dancing showgirls! More photos below:

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