Sunday, February 7, 2016

Walking On A Dream

It was really nice to take a few months off from blogging. It's still something that I love, but I got extremely busy finishing a job before the holidays, spending time home with family, and then interviewing for a new position! Life is all settled again now though so I am getting back in the groove. I'll continue my fashion blogging periodically because I have a lot of fun doing it still, thought I am happy to say I have a bit more of a creative job now so it won't be as necessary of an outlet as before. Plus when your friend happens to be an awesome photographer who wants to get in practice and is part of a photo studio, you may as well do shoots! 

I still have a lot of unreleased photos from shoots with Ben Benson in the summer and fall of 2015, even though some are not exactly seasonal anymore. This look below that I am sharing is a great way to wear a crop top in the wintertime though. I love the ones with sweater textures and if you pair them with a leather skirt it adds a whole other dimension. Unless you've been having an unusually warm winter like NYC has, put on some tights and a blazer with this look. This crop top is also great because I can also dress it way down with jean shorts at a music festival. The tribal-inspired prints are so dimensional! 

Photography: Ben Benson 
Song: Walking On A Dream by Empire of the Sun 

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