Saturday, April 16, 2016

Out they walk in single file, through the door I saw you smile...

It's almost Spring! Well actually, it is Spring, but it's just really starting to feel a bit like it this weekend in the city. It's still the perfect time to go shopping for Spring and Summer though, since there's actually some pre-sales as popular mainstream stores when the weather is still a little chilly. I recently did a little bit of damage, and got a few more crop tops for the season as well as a couple skirts to match- one was even a matching set!

Crop tops, whether they're cut off tee's, tight short little tanks, slinky see-through crocheted pieces, or tied up button downs like so are still in for the season. Thank goodness, because no one I know wants to stop wearing them- we just don't want any stores to stop selling them either. Where are you most excited to wear a crop top this season? Come on, you know that's a thing. I can't wait to hit up Bushwick Open Studios again in one!

Photography: Ben Benson

Song: "Monster" by Magic Man