Thursday, June 2, 2016

In the mornin', in the evenin, ain't we got swing?

I absolutely adore living history events. I can get into dressing up in a period-inspired look from almost any time period. Usually the events or museums I go to do a great job of making you feel like you're in actually in the given time period. However I have definitely never felt more like I was in another time than last Saturday night. I didn't even need to touch a drink (I mean I did still have a couple obviously) and kept pinching myself. Watching the sunset on a real historic aircraft carrier docked in the water with three levels of live big band swing music and singers with the most incredible dancers was like none other. Everyone was obviously dressed incredibly accurately as well because NYC folks kill it at period events, and my amazing friend Caely fixed my hair in quick victory rolls when my attempted curls fell out in 90 degree weather. When the sun went down we started to get sillier and run around and meet people, including real sailors! Check out the black and white video on my Instagram page to see what hundreds of people swing dancing on a ship with airplanes and the Manhattan skyline in the background looked like. I heard that they hadn't done this event since the 90's. Can they please do it every year? I am already dying to go back to 1944. For real. 

Dress: my mom's creation from perhaps the 80's with a matching scarf I tied on 
Vest, purse, and woven sandals: vintage from a shop in Madison
Hat: peddler cart on side of the road in soho  

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